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Legal Notice

This site contains public records.

These records may have originated in a non-electronic form. Some records have been translated to electronic form to display on this web site.

Some records may be stamped or marked as "confidential". All records on MONTCNTY.COM have been cleared for distribution by the government agency providing the public record. The government agency may have redacted some material that is not suited for the public.

MONTCNTY.COM makes no claim that the information contained in the public record is accurate. This is the responsibility of the government agency that provides the public record to MONTCNTY.COM.

If a public record contains personal information that MONTCNTY.COM believes is not appropriate for public display, MONTCNTY.COM reserves the right to further redact this information.

If you believe a public record displayed on MONTCNTY.COM is inappropriate or in error, please contact us with your complaint or concern.

Any access to this site is subject to monitoring. Any comment or content provided to this site is subject to approval by the editor.

As a visitor to this site, you have the right to access and duplicate the public records.

You do not have the right to duplicate original content (text & images) created by MONTCNTY.COM.