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SAY WHAT? Ebola Pop Quiz

ABC 22 / FOX 45 Dayton's News Source - Fri, 10/24/2014 - 01:53

SAY WHAT? This week's say what is -- oh no! -- a pop quiz... on Ebola.

The intense media focus, and the presence of an infected nurse here in Ohio, have generated a lot false reports.

So we ask local folks questions, and we got answers from the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization.

And to read about the history of Ebola outbreaks, click here.

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Family Wants Answers After Wallet Stolen from Man as He was Dying in a Car Crash

ABC 22 / FOX 45 Dayton's News Source - Fri, 10/24/2014 - 01:47

DAYTON -- Police are looking for a man who they think stole the wallet of a man who lay dying at a crash scene.

70-year-old Kenny Phillips crashed his car at Jersey and East 3rd Street on October 2. Three days later his family members realized his wallet and all his identification was missing.

"We have to find out what really happened. We owe it to my dad, he would do the same for me," said his daughter, Crystal Phillips.

She says her family is taking that situation very hard, they just lost their mother last year.

"I just wish and I hope and pray that nothing really bad happened to him except the wallet we just really need to find out," Crystal said.

Miami Valley Crime Stoppers is offering a reward of about $1,000. They have released photos that were captured on the bank's surveillance video.

The suspect is seen in an army T-shirt on one occasion and was wearing a Nike T-shirt in another photo.

He makes several trips the Chase bank ATM machine on East Third Street just a short distance from the crash scene. His first attempt was just 20 minutes after the crash.

They don't have the PIN number so before the ATM took the debit card they return several hours later trying to do it again, said Detective Cayce Cantrell of Miami Valley Crime Stoppers.

She's hoping someone saw something and someone can identify the man seen trying to steal from a man who was dying.

Crystal does, too. She says she hopes they can get answers so they can go on with their lives. She says they desperately need closure to be able to move forward.

"We need answers. We need to know what happened to our father. We need to know so that we can move on and live in peace," Crystal said.

If you have any information about Kenny Phillips crash and theft investigation, you're asked to call Miami Valley Crime Stoppers at 937-222-7867 (222-STOP). You can remain anonymous.

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Fitzgerald Town Hall Meeting in Dayton

ABC 22 / FOX 45 Dayton's News Source - Fri, 10/24/2014 - 01:21

DAYTON -- Democrat Ed Fitzgerald held a town hall meeting Thursday evening at the Dayton Cultural and RTA center for his campaign for the Ohio Governor's race.

"Our public officials aren't supposed to be above us," Fitzgerald said about the appearance. "They're supposed to get down at the grassroots level and talk to people, defend and explain their positions. The governor should do that through debates. He's not, so we're doing it at this town hall today."

The comment was directed at current Governor John Kasich, who has refused to debate Fitzgerald.

Check out our Know Your Candidates section, for information on the November 2014 elections.

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FAMILY 411: Cancer Workout Wear

ABC 22 / FOX 45 Dayton's News Source - Fri, 10/24/2014 - 01:18

FAMILY 411 -- A woman who fought breast cancer says working out helped her beat the disease.  Jamie Hoffpauir says while a gym may be the last place a woman wants to go when she's not feeling well and not looking her best, she wants to change that with fashion.

Sheila Gray explains in this week's Family 411 report.

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Local Blood Donor Wins a New Car

ABC 22 / FOX 45 Dayton's News Source - Fri, 10/24/2014 - 01:01

DAYTON -- For one lucky person Thursday (October 23, 2014), donating blood really paid off.  Gary Lavey is the lucky winner of a new Chevy Cruze thanks to the Dayton Community Blood Center's Summer ''Cruze-In'' Blood Drive.  Everyone who donated blood this summer was registered to win the car, and then 10 finalists were chosen.

Gary told us, he and his daughter donate blood together, ''Every time she's home now, if were having a drive we'll go and do it together.''

Gary has donated blood 24 times so far, and says he plans to drive his new car all over the place, if his wife doesn't grab the keys first.

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