Don't fall victim to an IRS scam

Montgomery County residents may be targeted by a scammer pretending to represent the Internal Revenue Service, or IRS.

One alleged victim reports "someone called me aggresively trying to extort money from me saying I had defrauded the IRS over the past 3 years and I owed them $3,667."

To squeeze the victim instantly while still on the phone line, the scammer claims that they have already dispatched police and that they are on the way to apprehend. The scam victim is told they could spend 90 days in jail.

Teeth and claws are bared to animal abusers

Residents are outraged at mistreatment of animals.

As reported by ABC 22 / Fox 45, Woman Faces Animal Cruelty Charges for the Second Time, Montgomery County Ohio residents are speaking out against animal cruelty.

Was it racial profiling or just tinted windows?


Officer [redacted] pulled us over for no reason. [He] did not ask for insurance cards even though it was offered. He was aggressive and wanted to profile our vehicle over window tint. He is a Moraine police officer.

Tinted windows can be probable cause for a traffic stop in Ohio. So the officer had sufficient reason to pull you over. Officers have the right to immediately test your window tint level to determine if it is within legal limits. Officers also have the right to observe any other illegal behavior that was not previously apparent before the stop.

Dave Vore withdraws bogus Ohio Election Commission complaint against Judy Dodge

The Dayton Daily News is now reporting that the Montgomery County Republican Party and Dave Vore are withdrawing their October 31 frivolous complaint against Judy Dodge.

Deputy allows drunk woman to re-enter a vehicle, drive away and crash into a parked car

Case Number: 

On Tuesday, October 14, 2002, at 2123 hours, Deputy Shawn Baab conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle occupied by Timothy W. Knight Jr. on West Third Street at Infirmary Road in Jefferson Township. Mr. Knight alleges that during the traffic stop, Deputy Baab used excessive force on him and falsely arrested him for Disorderly Conduct. Mr. Knight also alleges that when he asked Deputy Baab why he was going to jail, Deputy Baab told him it was "for being a smart ass."

Sheriff's Office allows child workers to collect and take home live ammunition

Case Number: 

On Monday, November 22, 2001, Sergeant Schroeder received a letter from Mr. Joseph Wilson, the Children's Services Bureau Juvenile Worker Program Director, detailing six complaints against Transportation Deputy Gerald Barnes from October 27, 2001 to November 17, 2001.

Domestic Violence Temporary Protection Order (TPO) issued against deputy

Case Number: 

On Friday, May 31, 2002, Ms. Andrea Baab filed a Domestic Violence Temporary Protection Order, #02DV497, against Deputy Shawn Baab with the Montgomery County Domestic Relations Court. The Domestic Relations Court issued a Domestic Violence Temporary Protection Order in response to the filing based on an incident that allegedly occurred on Tuesday May 28, 2002, in which Deputy Baab had an argument with Ms. Baab.

Deputy engages in a road rage incident while off-duty

Case Number: 

On Saturday, March 9, 2002, Deputy Powell, while off-duty and driving his personal vehicle, allegedly became engaged in a "road rage" incident while driving in Washington Township. Deputy Powell allegedly confronted the driver of another vehicle, Mr. Nick Kuntz, who allegedly cut him off, and engaged in a verbal dispute in which Deputy Powell allegedly identified himself as being employed with the Montgomery County Sheriffs, used profanity, and identified himself as a sergeant.

Sergeant attempts a cover-up and falsified police report; Sergeant and deputy engage in sexual conduct on-duty

Case Number: 

Deputy Vitali alleged that after conducting a search of a residence that yielded marijuana, paraphernalia and a handgun, Sergeant Doran instructed him to take no action and to "walk away." Deputy Vitali also alleged that after conducting a search of a motor vehicle that yielded marijuana and a handgun, Sergeant Doran instructed him to make a physical arrest of the driver on minor misdemeanor charges. He stated that when he disagreed with the legality of that course of action, she publicly berated him and behaved unprofessionally.

City of Clayton Police Department, Sergeant Steve Caudell's Actions Are Declared Improper Conduct

An officer puts the lives of citizens at risk and damages property by pursuing a suspicious vehicle that committed no serious offense.

But did he really prevent a serious violent crime?

Click here for the complete report issued by the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office.

The following report was prepared by the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office.